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February 26, 2013

Playtex 'Fresh + Sexy Wipes' Suggest You Should Be Insecure About Your Intimate Parts

According to a Playtex survey released earlier this month, 35 per cent of Canadians reported having sex just a few times a month while 19 per cent are only doing it once a month or less. With the average between-the-sheets session lasting a mere six minutes, I’m willing to bet that most of us spend more time each day waiting for the bus or standing in line at Starbucks than we do being intimate with our partners.

Married versus dating? 63% of Canadians who are dating are having sex at least a few times per week while married folk are only clocking in at 36%. A whopping 20% of daters are doing it every day. (Rah! Rah! Or is it raw, raw?) This is where we all sigh. It is so fresh in the beginning. Only 2% of those married manage to do it every day. Every day? There is no way those people have kids. Heck, I'd say they don't even have jobs!
The survey breaks that wish fulfillment down by sex. 38% of men and 23% of women would like sex every day. 44% of men and 49% of women would it a few times per week. 15% of men and 23% of women would like to stick to a few times per month. The percentage is low but the survey does say a small group would go for once a month or less. Hmmm, somebody needs a refresher course in something other than missionary in bed under the covers with the lights out. A little more aural and oral goes a long way.

What factors would contribute to higher satisfaction in the bedroom?
 33%: Better physique  
14%: If my partner had a better physique
(Hmmm, if we turn out the lights is that proverb true? At night, all cats are grey.)
30%: More spontaneity  
28%: More romance  
24%: More experimentation
 21%: If my partner had an increased libido 18%: A deep emotional connection with my partner

The survey showed that people have a few turn-offs starting with hygiene. Come on folks, these are easily correctable.
 63%: Bad body odors  
58%: Bad breath 35%: Not feeling fresh or clean  
35%: Poorly groomed private parts  
15%: Perspiration

The original report  can be found below:

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