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April 23, 2014

Britain's Got Talent contestant Sarah 'Paddy' Jones stormed the stage

Paddy Jones à l'émission Britain's got TalentLast weekend, a British octogenarian showed with great deal of success her talents in acrobatic salsa dancing in a talent show . Accompanied by a dashing forty (Nico, her teacher), Paddy Jones has thrown chained legs and somersaults as envious jurors and the stunned audience. Paddy Jones is not, however, a rare gem; evidenced videos grandmothers mega form circulating on the Internet at the speed of a distraught cat LOL . You may have seen her pass the Sun City Poms , these cheerleaders retired with grace, tone and flexibility we put a big hit old; just as strong paddle stroke of the Ladies of the Lake . These clubs have existed for decades, but - perhaps because they divert social norms related to age - they never really gained too much popularity. Those days are over: the granny now occupies the front of the stage, not for its knitwear and apple pies, but because it has become a social phenomenon. But how this little old a little boring become extraordinary grandmother, funny, energetic, copy, acclaimed by all?

It has the shape and adapts to time
In 2050, more than 60 years will be 22.3 million in France. In other words, they represent nearly a third of the population. Faced with this demographic shift, the major belief that  aging and decline are the same thing will extinct . And grandmothers are not there for nothing. In France, life expectancy of women over 82 years, so the latter have more than twenty years to take care of their grandchildren, discover a visionary passion and open a Twitter account. If the female population lives longer, it is also in better shape, as confirmed by the performance of Britain's Paddy in a video viewed over 10 million times on YouTube. A passion for sport grannies fully illustrated Ladies of The Lake and their weekly meeting rowing on Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, cheerleaders or Sun City. In this California town where the average age of residents is 73 years, the Sun City Poms train twice a week and give a fifty performances each year since 1979.
It adopted the digital culture
In addition to its stunning fitness, new grandmother is no slouch when it comes to live with her time. In New Society of Seniors (Ed. Michalon), Serge Guérin discusses the lack of digital generational divide between young people and their grandparents. "Digital raises more than ever trade between seniors and youth," even advance the sociologist. Betty Simpson , 80, is the most recent example. Mid-March, she became a star in a few weeks the Instagram social network, thanks to his little son and one of his 275,000 followers, Pharrell Williams .
It is cherished by the media
On television, Lucienne Moreau "Petit Journal", now 81 years old, flew almost featured presenter Yann Barthes with his "The Lucienne Live Report", its effects styling and vocabulary borrowed from that of cities. In Scenes from the short program M6, Huguette (Marion Game) camped with her ​​husband a couple of the seventies scathing wit. Finally, Arte, Old Minute spread the spirit of rebellion that blows on Aging. The principle: three old ladies comfortably installed on their couch tell flowers every day and turn a subversive or a little dirty joke. Cinema, Bernadette Laffont embodied in 2012 Paulette, a former pastry chef who is struggling to make ends meet and its spring cake pans for making cakes cannabis space. We also remember Betty White, grandmother "martinet" and extravagant making drooling Sandra Bullock in The Proposal before revealing his great heart. Because a grandmother is first and foremost a confidante.
It appeals to young
In adolescence, the mother-daughter dialogue tends to falter, that's when Granny arrives in the landscape. Available, often more tolerant, she becomes the confidante reassuring and spoils. "This is a relationship devoid of any Oedipal conflict which engages a friendly relationship based on the pleasure of being together and mutual curiosity," says psychoanalyst Jean-Pierre Winter in Transmit (or not) (Ed. Albin Michel). New lifestyles intrigue grandmothers, while scare the mothers. So the younger generation no longer hesitate to claim his affection and gratitude with initiatives such as Mami'festation . On the occasion of the festival of the Great Mother, the collective I Love my grandmother whose muse is none other than our national Lucienne, organized a demonstration in honor of the dedication of these exceptional women.
Intergenerational roommate also flourish in the capital allowing young penniless and grannies Rejuvenator share the same roof. In exchange for small services and a pleasant presence, students are offered the cottage. That’s how the septuagenarian become our new best friend, for at least few more decades.
Translated from the web edition of Le Figaro
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