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Blackhole Exploit Kit

Have you ever suspected that just by  visiting a wab page you can expose yourself to online threat?

The procedure is fairly simple. Firstly, a victim visits a malicious website hosted on hacker-owned machine, which gives him the freedom to play with the security of the website. Once a victim visits this malicious website, he is redirected through various intermediary servers and finally lands on a malicious server hosting the exploit kit. Then follows a scanning phase by the exploit kit on the victim’s system to scan for known vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerability is found, an exploit/payload effecting that particular vulnerability is downloaded on the victim’s machine and executed in the background.

How it all started

The roots of software exploitation start a long time ago. The techniques were made better over time and now it is offered as a package of exploits known as the Exploit Kit. These exploit kits are available on the underground market (Deep Web) or in some instances on the World Wide Web. The black hats, script kiddies particularly, and criminals use these exploits to compromise thousands of people, maybe setup a botnet spreading malware, or just for the fun of it. A report by Kaspersky Labs states that MPack was one of the first publicly available exploit kits in 2006 made by the Russian cyber-warriors. This was basically a collection of PHP scripts aimed at exploiting simple vulnerabilities that may be present in the client software. There was a boom in the number of compromised systems just after this kit went viral.

Blackhole Exploit Kit AVG detects this moderately active Web-threat and its 141 known variants.

The most popular variants of Blackhole Exploit Kit are Blackhole Exploit Kit (type 2704), Blackhole Exploit Kit (type 2602), Blackhole Exploit Kit (type 2709) the complete list here...

What is Blackhole Exploit Kit?

Blackhole Exploit Kit is caused by a code that can be hacked into a webpage. When you browse to a webpage with Blackhole Exploit Kit, it will identify and make use of the vulnerabilities in your internet browser/plugins and force adware, phishing programs or any other type of fraudulent software to be installed on your device.

Statistics summary

Blackhole Exploit Kit is a threat that is spreading. It is currently ranked 7 in the world for online threats. more ...

How can I remove Blackhole Exploit Kit?

If you received a pop-up warning from AVG for Blackhole Exploit Kit while you were surfing a website, chances are that the threat was blocked and there's nothing to remove. more ...
The other antivirus software may also have protection against it. Our goal here is to inform you about it and  so you can protect yourself. Scanning with spyware software periodically also is recommended.

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