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August 31, 2018

The golden combination of self or shared indulgence

#1 Use lube!
It is true that wetter is better, so grab some lube to increase slide and reduce friction. Just check the ingredients to make sure there are no nasty sugars in there that may cause a yeast infection. According to sexperts, using lube can make your hand job 100% better.
#2 Use a clitoral vibrator
Once you’re wet, an external vibrator will help to awaken all the external hotspots like your clitoris. This will encourage circulation, making you extra-sensitive, and will get the erectile tissue in your clitoris working, making it bigger and easier to find. Using lube and a clitoral vibrator will make your hand jobs 200% better. A vibrator, like the Magic Bullet, is perfect, as the tapered tip allows for pinpoint accuracy.
#3 Use a dildo
Dildos are amazing for reaching internal hotspots that are much harder to get to with your hands, such as the G-spot, A-spot and C-Spot. Just make sure you warm up first using your fingers and use plenty of lube for the comfiest and most pleasurable experience. The combo of a dildo, a clit vibrator and lube can make your hand jobs 300% better. Give it a go with the G-spot dildo that’s angled to hit your G-spot, and has a suction base so you can go hands-free.
#4 Use a butt plug
Using a butt plug during masturbation can enhance sensations in a number of ways. Not only does it offer a secondary point of stimulation, which can enhance pleasure and speed up orgasms, but it’s a hands-free way to help angle your dildo towards your G-spot. If you can believe it, using a butt plug with a dildo, clit vibrator and lube can make your clitoris hand jobs 400% better! Start with a beginner’s butt plug that’s small and comfy to insert, but still packs a punch when it comes to anal stimulation.
#5 Use nipple clamps
A lot of people neglect their nipple during masturbation, which is a shame because playing with nipples can produce oxytocin (a hormone that plays a big part in achieving orgasm). Simply, if you aren’t producing it, you aren’t going to orgasm. Not only do nipple clamps add sensation while you wear them, but when you take them off, you will get a rush of blood to the area that will make your nipples even more responsive to touch.
This golden combination of lube, a clit vibrator, a dildo, with a butt plug and nipple clamps can make your hand jobs lot better - or at the very least, can help to make your next solo or shared masturbation session the best yet.

February 01, 2018

It is flu season once again ...

A shortage in Tamiflu

The high volume of Tamiflu prescriptions at this point in the season has resulted in a shortage of the medication. While the FDA has not yet confirmed this shortage, doctors and pharmacists in both urban and rural areas are reporting difficulty in accessing Tamiflu for their patients.

Those unable to access Tamiflu this year do have other options. Besides Tamiflu, there are two other influenza medications: Relenza and Rapivab. Both are considered just as effective as Tamiflu and may be easier to access this year. For more information on these medications, see our post here. 

Over the counter medications can also help ease symptoms. Read here for more details on over the counter flu medications.

Is it effective?

Tamiflu is sometimes treated as a cure for all cases of the flu, but recent studies call this reputation into question. According to a study-of-studies, or meta-analysis, performed by CochraneResearch of 46 studies involving more than 24,000 people, Tamiflu may provide a much smaller benefit than expected. At best, the analysis found that Tamiflu may only help patients recover one day faster, and may not reduce the number of flu-related complications, like pneumonia. Additionally, it may only reduce the risk of getting sick by 55%. At over $50 per prescription for generic oseltamivir, for some, the benefits may not outweigh the cost.

While these findings don’t negate the use of Tamiflu, they may indicate that it is less protective than we had previously thought.