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Hurry Bitcoin plans are back! Use "vxuKgC" code for 5% mining discount!

March 21, 2017

Smooth at price

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Consider this before your next kini wax: A study at the University of California at San Francisco found that those who groom their pubic hair in any way could be up to four times more likely to contract a cutaneous
(skin-based) STI than those who don’t. Microtears—which result from waxing or shaving—could make us
more susceptible, says dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla, M.D. If you’re going for a wax, Mariwalla says to find a studio that uses hard wax, which doesn’t require muslin cloths.This method grips hairs better; plus, you won’t worry that strips are being reused. When shaving, use a designated bikini razor, separate from the one for legs and underarms, to avoid spreading bacteria, and replace it often. Lastly, wait a day after grooming—the time it takes for the tears to heal—before having sex.

Seven advantages of drinking water in the morning

1     - Purifies colon making it easier to absorb nutrients.
2     - Increases the production of new blood and muscle cells.Water acts a lubricant around your muscle and joints which helps prevent against cramping, allowing you to work out harder and longer.
3     - Helps with weight loss. Drinking at least 16 ounces of chilled water   can  boost your metabolism by 24% in the morning. Research has shown that an increase in water consumption leads to an increase in the rate in which people burn calories as opposed to storing them as fat.
4     - Glowing skin. Water helps to purge toxins from the blood thru improved blood circulation which help keeps your skin  glowing and  clear.  It also increases water in your skin cells which helps to get rid of wrinkles and helps you look younger.
5     - Balances your lymph system. These glands help you perform your daily functions
6     - Balance your body fluids, and fight infection. Dehydration leads to fatigue because it impacts the flow of oxygen to the brain and causes your heart to work harder to pump oxygen to all your bodily organs, making you more tired and less alert.
7     - Water reduces stress. Studies have shown that dehydration leads to higher cortisol levels—the stress hormone—making it harder to deal with everyday issues. By staying hydrated you will be better equipped to deal everyday problems.

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